• What is ISBE TD ReCAD and what can I use it for?

    The ISBE TD ReCAD is a software for the re-engineering of cutting tools. With this software you can easily reconstruct your real tools and then optimize them virtually.

  • For which kind of cutting tools can I use this software?

    For drills, mills, reamers and threads.

  • What are the advantages of the ISBE TD ReCAD compared to a conventional CAD program?

    You don not have to remodel your tool in a time consuming manner using CAD constructions. With the ISBE TD ReCAD you can transfer data easily into reusable 3D STEP models.

  • Can I also create only surfaces with the ISBE TD ReCAD?

    Yes, modeling ist not always mandatory. You can also export the generated surfaces one by one.

  • In which FEM software can I use the generated 3D STEP models?

    In all leading FEM software, such as ANSYS, DEFORM or AdvantEdgeFEM.

  • Does the ISBE TD ReCAD also work with STL data from grinding simulations?

    Yes, it does not matter whether the STL data are created by measuring machines or by simulations.

  • Why do I need the ISBE TD ReCAD?

    You need the ISBE TD ReCAD to reuse simulated or scanned tool data in STL format in other systems that require STEP, such as FEM or CAD.

  • Can I also transfer data directly from the grinding machine?

    Yes, with the Walter ToolStudio interface you can easily transfer tool data and travels. This speeds up the generation of surfaces.

  • How can I check if I have reconstructed my tool correctly?

    With the aid of the 3D data check you can easily perform a target-actual comparison between the constructed and simulated or already manufactured tool.

  • Which technical requirements does my system need to comply with for the software to run properly?

    Please, click on this document to find all the detailed information concerning the system requirements.

  • Does ISBE TD ReCAD also work for micro tools?

    Yes, the mathematics of ISBE TD ReCAD is also designed for micro tools.

  • How can I get help if I have trouble using the software?

    We offer technical support. Please feel free to contact us by mail to